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Prof. Aaron McKain, Ph.D, M.S.L.

Executive Director
Institute for Digital Humanity

Director and Associate Professor
School of English and Communication Arts
North Central University

Creative Director
Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy

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Law, Technology Ethics,
American Politics & Culture,
Digital Communication,
Art & Public Advocacy

Teaching Style:
Socratic in the Classroom
Experiential with Assignments


Believes Students Learn Best:
When Engaging With the Real World


Technology Ethics and Law,
Post-Digital American Politics, Public Health

Consults and Speaks On:
Privacy, Algorithmic Discrimination,
Disinformation, the Dangers of Filter Bubbles,
Hate Speech, the First Amendment,
Mental Health


Professional Experience:
Public Relations, Non-Profit Start Ups,
Ed Tech Innovation, Higher Ed Management
Legal and Political Advocacy

Creates and Leads:
Interdisciplinary and cross-cultural
teams of artists, scholars, and advocates

Produces Art About:
Digital Civil Rights, Technological Racism,
Mental and Physical Health, Disability,
Gun Violence, Post-Digital America


Believes Art is the Answer:
When Words Stop Working
(And That the Fight for a Just, Sane,
and Equitable Post-Digital World is Not Over.)

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