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we need your help.  and we can help you save the country. 

the idh is arguably the most successful  student-run, bipartisan and multi-faith digital ethics think tank in America. 
and here's the punchline: it was powered -- and kind of stolen -- from comedians.   

Dedicated to Norm


Back in

The tech and 1st Amendment crisis is waaaay worse than you think.

Our Dead Poet's Society meets Black Mirror story is fucking bananas.
We're not joking; Comedians were 100% our inspiration and the basis of our IP.

What we need

How you can help.

Dr. McKain's weird tailored pitches.

First off, this is the weirdest fucking thing Dr. Mckain has ever had to write.  And he is tearing up thinking about Norm -- who was his hero and the only thing that got him through some very rough times.  But this country is fucked b/c of unregulated technology, our first amendment rights will be the first tragedy, we are in a jam, and the comedy community is our natural ally.    

Since we will be surprised if anyone even read this far, we are going to try to make this pitch as painless as possible.  We are internationally-recognized AI and 1st amendment experts, not fundraisers.  And time is running out.

Ask a question

Change the text to include your own content. Adjust the font, size or scale to customize the style.

Ask a question

Change the text to include your own content. Adjust the font, size or scale to customize the style.

Research & Development

Juried, grant-funded, or award-winning solo and group installations and performances.

  • Since 2015, Dr. McKain's students have used local, national, and international
    art exhibitions to call attention to the political, racial, informational,
    and environmental challenges of our post-digital world.

    Since 2017, this work has been in partnership with
    the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy and the Institute for Digital Humanity.

    Event footage can be found there.  A partial exhibition list is here:

  • Catalyzes civic engagement and curate under-served community voices by translating complex issues into easy-to-understand:

    • Local, national, and international art exhibitions and installations;

    • Academic research and publications;

    • Educational materials for attorneys, teachers; citizens, and advocates.

  • Change the text and add your own content, including any information that is relevant to share. Then customize the font, size and scale to make it your own.

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IDH R and D Solutions

Here's what idh r & d can do for you:

Cellular Home Invasion

International Solo Exhibition.  

Czong Museum for Contemporary Art

Seoul, South Korea.  2019.

w/ the institute for aesthetic advocacy