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Information bubbles & encoded postmodernism is destroying reality, humanity, reason, our democracy, and civil rights.

So me and my teams -- of disabled and discounted students, artists, and citizens --
are fighting to give everyone a voice and a fighting chance.

Millions are suffering in an unprecedented
 mental health, chronic illness, and disability epidemic.

  • "Regulating Artificial Intelligence - Is Global Consensus Possible?
    Forbes. Sep 9, 2022

    “NCU Technology Students Impacting Nation.
    AG News.  
    December 12, 2021  

    After Facebook Scandal, Local College Students Are Talking Issues of Big Tech.”  
    NBC KARE-11 Evening News (Minneapolis)

    NBC WTOL 11 (Toledo)
    NBC KHOU 11 (Houston)
    NBC KXTV  (Sacramento)

     7 November 2021

    Why Isn’t There Social Media Forgiveness?”  
    NBC KARE-11 Breaking the News. 
    Minneapolis:  13 September 2018


    “Remembrance of Things Past Fuels Recent Run of Reboots, Relaunches, Remakes.” 
    Pioneer Press.  21 April 2018   
    Interview with Ross Raihala.

    “How To Protect Your Personal Info on Facebook.” 
    NBC KARE-11.  Breaking the News.

    Minneapolis:  21 March 2018 

    “Post Emmys Cameo, Spicer Says He Regrets Battles Over Trump’s Inauguration Size.”
    NBC KARE-11 Breaking the News
     Minneapolis: 18 September 2017 

    “Breaking Down the Election Speeches.”  
    NBC KARE-11 Evening News

    Live On Air Interview

    Minneapolis: 9 November 2016

    “How do Those Political Speeches Come to Life?
    NBC KARE-11 Breaking the News. 

    Minneapolis: 27 July 2016

    “What is Plagiarism?” 

    NBC KARE-11 Breaking the News

     Minneapolis: 20 July 2016

  • How Do We Reoccupy Shared Reality?"
    Next Generation Politics  May 4, 2023
    w/ Richard Leyva and Phillip Graham

    Digital Ethics and the Institute for Digital Humanity.” 
    Human Lawyer.  December 2021
    w/ Shea Sullivan and Aaron McKain


    "Institute for Digital Humanity, part 1.
    AI and YouMarch 28, 2022
    w/ Shea Sullivan and Hannah Grubbs

    "Institute for Digital Humanity, part 2.

    AI and You. April 4, 2022 

    “Critical Race Theory?” 
     Our Black News.  June 2021  
    w/ Julius Hernandez


    “What is Digital Ethics.” 
    Our Black News.  May 2021
    w/ Julius Hernandez and Annelane Sallee.  

    “What the Floyd Verdict Means for Minneapolis.”
    Our Black News.  April 2021

  • “Free Speech in Post-Digital America.” 
    Hennepin County Library. Permanent Collection. 

    September 2019
    w/ The Institute for Digital Humanity and
    the Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy. 


    “Are We the Rockstars We’ve Been Waiting For?
    PopMatters.  3 Nov. 2008


    “Mike Huckabee’s Family Guy Values.”
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    PopMatters. 17 Sept. 2006

    "Using the Lens of Narrative Theoryto Rethink Digital Ethics"
    International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference. 
    Proceedings.  (Forthcoming)
    With Marci Exted and Thomas Freeman

    Primeaux Award for Best  Paper
    (First Runner-Up)


    “In Two Voices: A Neuroscientist and Patient Tell Their Story.”  
    Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine. 
    August 2020
    With Amanda Aherns and Stephen Pederson. 

    “Let Them All Eat Cake: Rhetorically Mapping Religious Freedom, LGBTQIA Discrimination,
    and The First Amendment After Janus and Masterpiece.”
    Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business Proceedings.  2020
    With Thomas Freeman

    Best Paper Award


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Local, national, & international.  Juried and/or grant funded.


All Bullets Shatter:
Crime and Trauma

Living Art Exhibition and Public Forum
Minneapolis, MN and Online.  May 2022.

In partnership with:

Guns Down, Love Up  I Protect MN
Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives
Urban Educators I North Suburban Center for the Arts I  MN  Second Change Coalition  
and Faculty from Ohio State, Georgia State, Portland State, and Pittsburg Univ.

Plugging In:
Tech & Surveillance

Minneapolis, MN and Online.  October 2021

As with every other part of society, technology is changing public safety forever.  The need to ensure basic principles of human and civil rights in the mechanisms of digital public safety has never been more pressing. The IAA and its partners participated in a public discussion and technology workshop focused on surveillance, privacy rights, racial justice, and digital ethics. The event was hosted on October 20, 2021.

In partnership with: 

ACLU Minnesota I  Reclaim the Block
The Institute for Digital Humanity I North Central Univ.

Safety Not Surveillance  I  Post ME I Tulane Valley Creates

Councilman Simon Troutman (Richfield, Minnesota)

Councilman Steve Fletcher (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Digital Rights Are Civil Rights: Race and Tech

International juried art exhibition and civic forum.
Minneapolis, MN and online.  February 2021.

In partnership with:

The Institute for Digital Humanity 
The Institute for Aesthetic Advocacy

ACLU Minnesota
Native Youth Arts Collective;
North Central University
Post ME Coalition
Councilman Steve Fletcher (Minneapolis, MN)