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While the in-class conversation can sometimes be tense—nearly divisive, politically speaking—McKain did a great job of moderating the shifting viewpoints and perspectives, and using it all for our educational benefit. McKain made us comfortable with content that can be difficult to grasp—both cognitively and emotionally. The learning environment McKain has created actually breeds capital-D Diversity, the real thing. 

you all need to be paying this man more of your money. more of my tuition money needs to be in his pocket.

Seriously, you (hamline) owe this man a lot of respect and gratitude because he is an elite teacher. 

I don't know who you are, so pardon me for not knowing what to say. 

I have an advanced degree, am going for my second Masters, and have been in higher education for many years - this is my favorite course so far. I feel I am leaving this course with new understandings and ideas that are relevant to me and my life. As a teacher, the format of this course has also inspired me to approach my own students in new ways, particularly in terms of how to explore tough ideas through student discussion and Socratic Seminar. The format was extremely engaging and effective, and Dr. McKain did and excellent job of managing or communication and providing direction without smothering relevant conversation. Wonderful experience!

I was dreading this class to begin with, but it ended up being one of the best classes I've ever taken

"The Instructor Creates an Environment Conducive to Learning for All Students"

Literary and Cultural Theory, Fall 2016

This learning environment, to me, was great. I know most of this instruction relies on discussion and participation, it was rely easy to see who read and who didn't. i know some ppl want to say that they are shy, or need more time to answer the questions, some ppl just didn't read. The other that needed more time to respond, or were shy, or cautious, he game them ample time and space to respond when ready or informed. 

Everyone felt that their ideas were welcome in the class.

McKain creates a very welcoming environment in his classroom. 

Very easy-going and makes it fun to learn, soooooo yeah

All students are brought into the discussion and he is able to use any response to continue the socratic method of teaching he uses.

If you can't laugh at yourself or your classmates, you can sure as Hell laugh at the instructor! 

This is the only discussion based class I've ever been in that managed to get every single student to contribute meaningfully

I felt very comfortable giving my opinion in class and that everyone stood on equal ground.

Unreal way of teaching. Love the style. Continuously got me engaged in the class.

He is really good at asking for everybody's opinions. It isn't intimidating to participate in class at all. He makes it really fun and inviting for everyone.

"The Instructor Creates an Enviroment Conducive to Learning for All Students"

Critical Digital Media Theory, Fall 2016

best professor at hamline hands down.

I've had middling and poor teachers. Professor McKain is not one of them. 

As always, Aaron McKain's class this semester was a prime example of what college education should look like. Although there were some sticky spots in the semester and nothing seemed to go according to plan, these challenges did not compromise the educational value of the course. Ultimately this course succeeded because Professor McKain is not only an engaging, entertaining, and challenging professor, but also a thoughtful, respectful, and ethical human being. He provides, in my opinion, the finest example of a mutually respectful and learning-conducive relationship between professor and student that Hamline has to offer. He treats his students like valuable, intelligent human beings rather than children. He encourages students to view their classwork as meaningful contributions to the real world. He is consistently honest about issues that he and the class have to face and allows students a voice in how to resolve such issues. As always, I can give no higher praise than to state that Aaron McKain continues to be one of the most competent professors I have ever encountered and I look forward to working with him again in future.

The class is nuts, but a great experience thanks to McKain's unorthodox yet brilliant teaching style.

"The Instructor is an Effective Teacher"

Critical Digital Media Theory, Fall 2016

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