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Research Division Victories ● “Regulating Artificial Intelligence - Is Global Consensus Possible?” (From the Transatlantic Dialogue on Humanity and AI Regulation Conference.) September 9, 2022. ● “After Facebook Scandal, Local College Students Are Taking On the Challenge of Big Tech.” Interview. NBC. KARE-11 Evening News. Minneapolis: 7 November 2021. Television. Rebroadcast by, WHAS-11 (ABC. Louisville, KY); KHOU-11 (Houston, TX); WNEP (ABC. Pennsylvania.); and 9-News (NBC. Denver, CO). ● “Criminal Conviction By Algorithms are Ruining Innocent Lives.” With Thomas Freeman and Elizabeth Otto. Omaha World Herald. August 29, 2021. Print. ● “Coded Bias: Roundtable Discussion.” Interview with Tom Freeman. Nebraska Public Television. Omaha, NE: March 2021. Television. ● “Why Isn’t There Social Media Forgiveness?” Interview with Aaron McKain and the IDH. Breaking the News. NBC. KARE-11, Minneapolis: 13 September 2018. Television.

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